You will be fully and vigorously defended in all matters handled by the firm via a strategy that will be explained to you beforehand during the consultation process.

Audit Services

Although our audit services are mostly sought by institutional clients, they also benefit our private clients. They are particularly useful in providing a review of your financial situation as your life situation changes (marriage, divorce, PACS, donations, inheritances, etc.).


The advice that we will provide you with has two objectives:

  • To protect your interests at the earliest stages of your case from potentially adverse litigation.
  • To open the door to a variety of alternate dispute resolution methods, whether through negotiation or mediation.


Drawing on his broad experience working in the business, legal and education sectors, Bertrand COHEN-SABBAN provides training programmes to his institutional clients on all issues pertaining to labour rights and civil rights. The training programmes are organised in the form of breakfast meetings at your workplace as part of an approach that combines efficiency with accessibility and a sense of humour.