Both in respect of institutional and private clients, the firm’s policy concerning fees remains the same: transparent.

Initial Consultation

If you wish to seek legal advice from us without further commitment to defend your interests, we offer an initial consultation at a fixed fee of €250.00 + VAT.

Hourly Rate

In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, our clients shall be invoiced on the basis of an hourly rate of no lower than €250.00 Excl. VAT. When a mandate is entrusted to our firm, the hourly invoicing rate is clearly specified to the client. For the purpose of transparency, at the client’s request, at the beginning of each month we can provide a detailed statement of services rendered, listing in particular: conference calls, correspondence, legal research, the drafting of legal instruments, pleadings, travel costs, representation at hearings, meetings, the preparation of pleading files, etc.

Fixed Fee

Depending on the volume of business provided by our clients, we can offer a fixed fee with respect to mandates entrusted to our care.

Success Fees

Depending on the content of the dispute and the specific expectations of our clients, a success fee can be agreed upon. The success fee shall never constitute the sole basis for determining the firm’s fees.


The firm makes provisions for the duties and obligations imposed upon it in respect of the entrusted mandate. These provisions will be offset against the final statement of fees, which is sent out to clients at the end of the mandate.

Handling & Office Costs

Handling and office costs will be set at a rate of 7% of the charged fee based on requests for advance payment or invoices.

Bailiff Fees

Professional bailiff fees shall be paid by the client on presentation of invoices drawn up for that purpose.